Aan Tafel!

Aan Tafel! is the last project of my second year at Saxion CMGT. I worked on this project as engineer with 7 other people. The game is shows the steps of a life of a potato. The game was made in Unity, is mainly aimed at children and includes 3 stages, each with their own machanics and fun!

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Aan Tafel!

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Aan Tafel! is made to teached children about the life of a potato. It was the last school project of the second year. This project was given by a local museum, and therefore required the game to be short, not focused on audio (since the audio could not be loud) and educational in some way. The life of the potato is divided into three stages: farm, factory and kitchen.


In the first stage of the game, the player plays a farming game. Here the potatoes are planted, watered, grown and harvested. Bugs try to attack the plants, the player saved the plants by swiping the bugs away.


In the second stage the player connects several machines together with conveyer belts. At the start of the line potatoes are dispensed onto the conveyer belt. The potatoes are transported over the conveyer belts into several machines. They are cleaned, peeled, cut into fries and packed. The challange in this room is introduced when machines start breaking and the player has to keep an eye on them and repair them (by tapping) when necessary. Several conveyer belts might also speed up and the potatoes fall off when the conveyer is moving too fast. The conveyer belts have to be in the correct line as well to transport the potatoes.


In the last stage the player gets to make a delicious meal using the fries. Three dishes are available: Burger and fries, chili cheese fries and fish and chips. By dragging several ingredients to various different cooking materials the player can prepare the dish. As a reward the player gets to see a nice shot of the dish at the end, which is also used as a picture in their final score

The Team


Avery Pereira

  • Scrum master
  • Audio Designer
  • Technical Designer
  • Shader Artist
  • Presentation

Brandon Frank

  • Co-strum master
  • Creative Designer
  • Designer Mechanics
  • Level Designer
  • UI & animation Artist (Farm & Factory)
  • Trailer


Jelle Vrieze

  • Farm & Kitchen engineer
  • Evemt tooling for designers & implementation
  • Touchscreen (Dragging/Swipe) controller

Gabe Danilov

  • Facotry engineer
  • Scoreboard programmer
  • Tooling for museum


Chloe Bläker

  • Lead artist
  • Factory modelling
  • 3D animations
  • Lighting & Post Processing

Emanuel Velez Cano

  • Concept art
  • Farm environmental artist
  • Fish & Chips modelling
  • Game logo artist

Stefania Dimitrova

  • Kitchen UI artist
  • Burger recipe modelling
  • Kitchen tutorial animation

Michela Paolucci

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Kitchen environment
  • Chili cheese dish modelling


Technical Details

  • Unity
  • C#

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